Eve Mortimer

I was at a very strict girls' school - no talking in the corridor! I used to write the R.A.F. insignia in my rough book, I was always interested in the Royal Air Force. I wonder if my husband, when I met him at 15 years old, had been wearing a different colour uniform whether I would have looked at him. My family used to take me to stay at Towyn in Gwynedd on Cardigan Bay with a Welsh lady who, though she could understand English and speak it, would only speak Welsh. So I had to learn the language but I enjoyed it. One day her granddaughter, Phyllis, introduced me to a tall, dark, handsome young chap, home on R.A.F. leave having sprained his ankle playing sport. He was using his old bike to scooter down from home to the promenade. I couldn't resist letting his tyres down! Read more....