Pete Everitt

I am Pete Everitt, a relative new-comer to Colsterworth. I was born 54 years ago in High Wycomb, Buckinghamshire. I didn't stay there very long. My parents moved up to a place called Coddington which is north of Newark on the A17. I spent most of my formative years there. I grew up next to a farm and went over to the farm in my spare time and I never wanted to do anything other than farm. My father wasn't a farmer. He was actually a sales rep and my mother was a tailoress. After school I went to agricultural college, the local Lincolnshire college at Caythorpe. My gap year was spent down in a village called Clipsham (where the Yew Tree Aisle goes up to the Davenport-Handley's house). I worked for a gentleman called Ralph Featherstone. Read more....