Rev. Hilary Geisow , Colsterworth Priest-in-charge

I am Hilary Patricia Geisow, which is my married name and comes from an area near Maastricht on the Dutch-German border. I was born a Fuller in Twickenham in Middlesex. I was always enormously proud at school because we passed Fuller's cake shops and there was also Fuller's Ales which was the big brewery, now part of Watney's. I was the eldest of three children. My father was a draughtsman technician with some electrical engineers. He actually got called up into R.E.M.E. during the War but then it was discovered that he was of more value as a civilian. He spent his wartime designing bits for tanks. My mother trained as a nurse and she went back to work, because of the polio epidemic in South-West London. She had specialist training in iron lungs and she used to bring us home stories of the children she was nursing at the time. Read more....