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The Village Archive Group, Woolsthorpe & Colsterworth, Lincolnshire, NG33 5**, UK, recording social history & local people’s memories in text, video and audio to preserve vital oral history and accounts of village life in the twentieth and twenty first century.

Woolsthorpe and Colsterworth
The Parish of Colsterworth encompasses the Hamlet of Woolsthorpe, Dunkirk (down church) an area below the Church and Twyford, which was originally larger than Colsterworth itself. Woolsthorpe is especially steeped in history with Woolsthorpe Manor being the birthplace and family home of Sir Isaac Newton. Now owned by the National Trust it receives approximately 20,000 visitors per year. Woolsthorpe has its own designated conservation area. Colsterworth is an historic coaching village, which was an important staging post on the Great North Road (now the A1) until the 1920s. This whole area has changed from an industrial open cast mining community, within living memory, and is now evolving into an affluent commuter village. Most people were employed locally and have interesting tales to tell. We hope that by recording this social history we will add a personal dimension to already documented historical facts.

About Us
In forming the Village Archive Group our aim was to record the memories of the village people in sound, vision and print for future generations, and to preserve vital oral history and accounts of village life in the twentieth and twenty first century.

The original idea came from Joy Isaac and Margaret Winn who both feel strongly that it is very important to record this type of social history, also the Lincolnshire accent and use of dialect, as it is ever changing. A committee was formed and other volunteers joined the group to help with the interviewing, recording and planning events. We have been well supported by local people who have donated or lent us old photographs and material to scan and archive, and shared their stories.

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We The People